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Welcome to weightlossrule.com. Let me introduce myself to you, I’m an IT Professional and working since 2010. Being on the chair day and night,I didn’t realise that I went from 60 to 95 kg in 5 years. During the summers of 2015, I started to take care of my diet and followed a healthy and balanced diet routine. I also followed the the online videos and exercises (see the tabs on the website), Within a few months I came down to 76 Kgs. Currently I’m on on 70 Kg and its not going UP anymore. I started to share this with friends and they also began losing weight and commented how easy they found it.
In August 2016 I decided to start either a blog or website to share my experiences with all of you and finally launched this website. It’s incredible to think that an idea of mine has grown into something that can help others to become the slimmer, healthier person they strive to be.For any further support, contact us at admin@weightlossrule.com

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