Garcinia Cambogia & Raspberry Ketone – Natural Weight Loss

Garcinia Cambogia is a yellowish green fruit (similar to small pumpkin in shape). It is mostly found in Asian countries like India. It has been used in cooking as ingredient and food flavouring since long. Garcirnia cambogia has a substance called hydroxycitric acid found inside its skin that is considered to be the main component causing weight loss.Studies have also revealed that it has a great carb blocking power as well as fat burning properties. It boosts metabolism finally causing weight loss.ddd

The proposed dosage is said to be approx. 400mg of the substance taken 45 to 60 minutes before a meal, three times a day. When taken alongside a healthy, balanced diet and a good exercise routine, users of garcinia cambogia should notice the results faster.


  • Metabolism boosting properties.
  • Carb control ability.
  • Generally considered quite safe.


  • Clinical research is quite mixed.



Raspberry ketone is a natural substance which gives sweet aroma to raspberries. It is usually found in European, Northern African and Central Asian countries. Raspberry keton produces a compound called adiponectone after digestion which has natural ability to break down fats in the body resulting in weight loss. This substance is also found in similar family of fruits like cranberries, blackberries and kiwis.

Quantity of Raspberry ketone is very small in the fruits so we need to eat large quantity of berries for getting positive effects. Due to this reason the raspberry ketone that is present in weight loss supplements is produced in a lab, as is that used in foods.


  • Appetite suppression properties.
  • Great weight loss ability.


  • Not tested on human so may have side effects.
  • Has a similar make-up to synephrine, which has side effects.


Bottom Line…

Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry ketones, both have great weight loss properties. It can be noted that Garcinia Cambogia is generally considered safer than Raspberry Ketones. In the market, there are supplements available usually in the form of capsules which contain these two all natural and extremely powerful weight loss aids, Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketone.Each of these active ingredients has been tested and proven to help fat loss and weight reduction.

There are claims that consumers do not need to change their diet routines to get desired results however research studies reveal that optimum results would be achieved by combining a balanced diet as well as exercise in daily routine.

Final Note:

Anyone having pre-existing medical conditions or already taking regular medication should consult with a healthcare practitioner before starting any dietary supplement.

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