How to get rid of Cellulite in 2017

Cellulite is normally a condition in which the skin has areas with fat deposits underneath, giving it a dimpled and lumpy look. Normally this is most noticeable on the thighs and buttocks. However it can also be found on the breasts, lower abdomen and upper arms.

Cellulite is not that much serious medical condition. Many dermatologist consider cellulite a normal occurrence usually after puberty and when someone loses weight quickly. If you’re concerned about the appearance of your skin, consult your doctor, dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Facts about Cellulite:

1. You cannot get rid of the dimples and shadows (cellulite) by rubbing an odd gel, weird lotion or cream on your trouble zones and problem spots.

2. Risky and expensive ‘medi-spa treatments’ can only reduce your bank account – not your cellulite problems. And there are many consumer reports about women being seriously scarred or injured as well.

3. Dermatologists say that cellulite may affect around 85-90% of women at some point in their lives.


Causes of Cellulite:

There can be different causes of cellulite like hormonal factors, genetics. Estrogen may play a key role in causing cellulites. A high stress life style can also result in cellulites.

A common reason found be the type of under garments usually worn by females with very tight elastic across the buttocks which can form cellulite at some stage. People who are fond of a lot of carbohydrates and fats, got greater amount of cellulite deposits.


Cellulite Removal & Treatments:

Top treatments available are:


Heat Therapy

Magnetic Therapy

Electric Stimulation

Pneumatic Massage

Using different drugs like ginkgo biloba, alpha-antagonists, pentoxifylline etc.

Keeping the latest research in view, Treatment results of all above have mixed responses but radio frequency treatment is said to be the most effective one.

Recommended Solution:

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