How to overcome the Weight Loss challenge

Weight loss seems a challenge in today’s fast moving world and most of us are always looking for legitimate ways of achieving this. But after trying various diet plans and keeping yourself unnecessary hungry, ‘fat gain’ starts again and results start disappearing. Weight loss requires full commitment and a positive shift in one’s daily life routine. This lifestyle change can result in a permanent weight loss solution ultimately achieving in our health goals.

Food for thought!

Be Calorie conscious!
Keep an eye on your food contents following some calorie table.Staying accountable and be calculated is a proven weight loss strategy.

Don’t like veggies?
Don’t avoid veggies, these have low calorie count as well as full of nutrients. Avoid Fried chips and dishes as these can result in high cholesterol levels as well as high carbohydrates result in quick weight gain.

What are you eating is important!
What is your daily diet routine? its very important. Are you taking a balance diet full of nutrients? Take 7-10 almonds in the morning (full of Vitamin-E) and 10 walnuts and preferably a cup of skimmed milk in the morning is the best breakfast (You can take oatmeal too)

Small meals are better!
Try to stick with 2-3 small meals instead of full. Take more fibre in your food which will keep your stomach healthy with a supreme bowl movement.

Think about exercise!

Top tip for achieving a permanent and persistent weight loss is your exercise plan. Its a very common belief that 60 minutes walk a day will control your appetite. People have expressed their opinion with positive reviews after having a regular walk routine related to appetite control.
Keeping in view 2000-2500 calories intake a day, burning 300-400 calories a day will result in 2000+ calories in 2 week and you will be close to a 1lb weight. To be exact 3500 calorie equals to 1lb pound loss.

Going to gym and have some Workout!

Take out time to register with a nearby gym. 30 to 45 minutes a day and 4-5 times a week is a great and permanent way to keep you stats in control. Have an easy going start, but maintain and increase periodically. You can hire some professional trainer as well.

Lifestyle change!

Many of us have a very easy going life style. While coming back from train station or any nearby place, we prefer to either have escalator instead of stairs, try to get taxi instead of walking a mile. Try to change this and be confident on your feet. Research shows that basic things like dishwashers, cars, elevators, and washing machines cause us to shed less calories per day.



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